Avass currently lead production of 100% Electric Vehicles with a full range of Manufacturing Operations.

Our mission at Avass is to unequivocally set ourselves apart from our competitors by creating electric vehicles that no other manufacturer can duplicate. This commitment has resulted in the accelerated development of Avass long distance range passenger buses driving over 1000 kms with a rapid single charge.

The most significant drawback of electric buses globally has been limited range. If an electric bus can only manage 250-300 kilometers on one charge, its operation is restricted to the shorter routes unless recharging infrastructure is installed along the roads to enable ‘top-up’ charging. Such infrastructure is expensive to buy and install and may also become redundant as electric vehicle technology progresses rapidly.

The Avass City Bus can travel 600 kilometers on one overnight charge, meaning the vast majority of urban routes are possible. There is no need for top-up charging along the way, which saves money up-front and saves time in operational schedules.

Our Touring Coach can travel over 1000 kilometers on a single charge, depending on the configuration of the batteries. More batteries add to the cost and the weight of the vehicle, so are only recommended when required by the particular duty cycle.

Avass’s headquarters is in Melbourne and our manufacturing plant is near Geelong in Victoria, an area facing increasing unemployment as a result of the decline in the local automotive industry. Our ambition is to grow our operations significantly over the coming years and become one of the biggest employers in the region.

Additionally, we source a wide range of components from Victoria and elsewhere in Australia, supporting jobs and economic growth in other areas.