Electric Bike

Breeze straight to the future with electric power

We have designed bikes keeping in mind modern functionality and trendy style. The lightweight and easily portable Avass electric bikes intend to transform personal mobility. The best-in-class bikes embody premium design, high build-quality and convenience for the user.

Revolutionize self with the revolutionary bikes

An ideal mode of transportation for all age groups, an electric bike is an asset for those aiming to improve their fitness and mobility with low impact exercise. These are perfect for students and workers alike for whom parking is a luxury.

Our e-bike models comprise traditional style bikes, folding e-bikes, and electric mountain bikes. These bikes come in many shapes, sizes and colors. 

Not already cycling? Step out, step up and start today!

Glide though city congestion with utmost comfort

Take on the challenging terrains and hills without wearing yourself out. With a small motor that assists your pedal-power, e-bikes are an incredible solution to ride faster and over longer distances owing to the additional propulsion.
E-bikes are perfect for running errands and ditching the heavy rush-hour traffic.

While commuting to work on an e-bike, you avoid the high fuel costs and reduce your carbon emissions significantly.

Go for the safer, more durable and more enjoyable alternative, go for Avass E-bike.