Electric Bus & Coach

Avass approaches mass commuting with zero emissions and clean energy through our city bus and touring coach. Our designs are tailored to customer and country requirements. The electric vehicle range can be customised from 200km to 1000km.

The Avass Touring Coach holds the Guinness World Record for an Electric Bus travelling more than 1000km on a single charge. Avass is also the first Australian Electric Vehicle manufacturer to obtain a World Manufacturer ID (WMI) and be registered with the Department of Transport and Regional Services (DOTARS).

The Avass outdoor All-In-One Electric Vehicle Charger can provide high power charging services over a range of transport networks.

The buses that we have built are the outcome of years of extensive research, innovation and development of the battery technology. During this time, there has been an ongoing emphasis on the central technologies of e-buses: batteries, electric motors and electric motor controllers. From buses ideal for city routes with higher passenger load to the ones made to make inter-city travel more comfortable, we bring you a broad array of products to suit your operational requirements with the most efficient battery system adapted for your needs.

Ultra-modern Designs

Our e-buses are not only built to be environment friendly but also to impress the users with great aesthetic.

Custom-made e-buses

We are fully aware how different routes can be and so we know that flexibility is indispensable. We offer the option to tailor your vehicle and add the features that suit your preference. Be it fleet requirements, internal/external design, optimal driver/traveler comfort or passenger capacity/frequency, we will adjust your vehicle to your requirements.

Cutting-edge battery  

We use the latest battery technology that ensures good performance with a longer life. It is known to be safe, stable along with being ecologically sound. Our batteries: 

  • High Energy Density
  • Fast Charge
  • Outstanding thermal stability
  • High cycle life
  • Stringent Tests and Certifications
Ensured safety

We conduct comprehensive tests to guarantee the safety and reliability of our e-buses including tests for the whole vehicle, system and components, vehicle material, drive system safety, Anechoic (NVH) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). We meet the standards of multinational certification in various continents and regions.


Electric Bus

City Passenger Bus – used in group travel such as school, government offices, public transport services, private organisation etc…

Electric Coach

Coach Bus – used for long distance comfort travel such as touring and interstate travel.