Electric Passenger Car

The best choice for everyday commute and absolute ease while driving long-distance.

A completely electric vehicle, our passenger cars redefine convenience with a driving experience. Sophisticated handling, quieter-running, top-notch technology and a great range, there is no better solution for a zero-emission driving experience.

Driving this eco-friendly vehicle is nothing but a pleasure. The smooth and ultra-silent driving feels more like an effortless act of sailing through the traffic and to think that this comes with zero carbon emissions, doesn’t it seem magical?

Designed to thrill

100% electric- our electric passenger cars are a riveting combination of innovation, performance, refinement and an unparalleled style. A seamless blend of quality and dependability, with our e-car as your next vehicle you choose to actively create a more peaceful and greener environment for us all.


Avass’ innovative strength has enabled us to take charge of new energy vehicles’ core technologies of motors, batteries, IGBT, electronic controls, etc. and provide one-stop services for parts, components and entire vehicles.