Electric Truck & Van

At Avass, we endeavour to generate solutions that are future-oriented. Our technologies are focused on creating technologies that serve not only the current generation by the ones to follow.

As the next step in our vision of a zero emission planet, we have eTruck and eVan range to help add some sustainability to the ever-increasing number of automotive markets.

Avass Designs

We design for utility by keeping style in mind. In the age of electrification and intelligent mobility, the design quotient is paramount. 

The Avass design team comprises members who are highly insightful, motivated and boundlessly imaginative. These visionaries come together from all parts of the world and bring their unique and brilliant standpoints to create products that not only stand out in function but also appearance.

Service- we have you covered

We are doing our bit to let cities become quieter and reduce the amount of air pollution.

Our vehicles are subjected to exhaustive quality control measures to ensure their reliability. To maintain the world-class form of our products, we offer a variety of aftersales packages for you to always have an excellently performing vehicle. Right from providing quick and easy access to spare parts, technical training for your staff, and an extensive network, we’ve always got your back.

Avass commercial vehicle

Our research and development team is committed to the whole pure electric chassis for trucks operating in logistics and construction, along with vocational vehicles in many other specialist sectors. 

Technology being the core component of what we do, enjoys utmost attention and resources as we ensure that it continues to drive our growth.  

We are focused on changing lives for the better and are delighted to innovate, produce and distribute technologies that lead the way for the rest to follow.