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Innovation for Avass is a refreshing inspiration to consistently introduce technology improvements.

Our combination of research and field experience in comprehensive test and evaluation brings together products and processes to improve productivity and lifestyles.

We at Avass look beyond competitor innovations and adapt breakthrough technology systems providing significant advantages.

Our Innovations

The design is the heart of our powertrain development. It is how the drivability is optimized and safety is ensured. Avass understands and manages the complexity of modern powertrains well. All its elements have to be smoothly running components of an integrated solution- be it the engine, transmission, electric, electronic and safety, correlated control systems or the software.

Avass has the capability to handle all powertrain-specific aspects under one roof from design, simulation, development and research to production engineering. Having dealt with all kinds of conventional powertrains, we have come to develop our unique powertrain that synchronizes the requirements of our electric vehicles and results in an unrivaled performance, range and efficiency.

Efficient and reliable drive system installation

High performance battery system

Full electric power steering systems

Regenerative braking

Our News

Here, we share with you all that you need to know about the developing products, technologies and innovations in the electric vehicle industry. Stay apprised of the latest research, information and progress in the field of sustainable and efficient transportation with Avass.